Questions About Donating

Yes, our Paypal interface allows you to support Henry’s Place through an industry-recognized secure website. Your donation information is safeguarded with all of Paypal’s normal security practices. Click here for more information about Paypal.

Henry’s Place never shares any of your personal information with third parties.

Yes. Henry’s Place is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 public charity, so all qualifying donations are tax deductible.

Per IRS regulations, to deduct any donation you must have either a bank record or written receipt. You must have a written acknowledgment from us to deduct any single donation of $250 or more. If you did not automatically receive a receipt, go to our Contact Us page and let us know.

Yes. Go to our Needs List to see what we can use. If you would like to donate something other than what is listed, contact us. In either case, go to our Donations page and select “I want to give a non-monetary gift”.

Questions About Development

To accomplish our mission of impacting the lives of urban youth through summer camp, we sought a location out of the desert heat but within approximately 3 hours drive time of Las Vegas.  At 5,500′ elevation, our location just outside of Cedar City is in an ideal climate for year round use of the facility and is almost exactly 3 hours from Las Vegas.  God provided this property at no cost to the camp and so it is an ideal place from which to minister to the Las Vegas community.

We have already accomplished about $500,000 worth of work on Henry’s Place including site grading, installation of water-, sewer-, and electrical-infrastructure, grading and graveling of our parking lot and driveway, construction of our amphitheater and challenge Course, and construction of our 1600 square foot maintenance building.  We are currently fundraising for our main lodge and two cabins.  See our Development Plan for more information.

Summer 2018 will be our third year of actually running camps for at-risk youth.  Since our facility is still under development, we have been using a rental facility approximately one hour east of Henry’s Place.  We will start full-time camp as soon as we have constructed our main lodge and two cabins.  See our Development Plan for more information.

Visit our Development Plan page to see what we plan to build. Our construction methods and materials will balance initial cost with functionality and long-term sustainability. Where possible, we plan to use volunteer labor to reduce development costs. Every dollar saved on construction or maintenance is another dollar we can spend on bringing life-impacting experiences to youth.  So far we have accomplished approximately $500,000 worth of work for around $200,000!

Questions About Henry’s Place Organization

Henry’s Place is run by a Board of Directors who operate according to established By-Laws and Policies. Visit our Board of Directors page to learn more about our leadership.

Henry’s Place operates under robust financial controls. Our Board approves our budget and both the Board and staff members follow specific guidelines for expending funds and entering into contracts. Additionally, Henry’s Place uses accepted accounting practices to safeguard funds and maintain transparency. Finally, Henry’s Place assets are insured against loss.

Sgt Henry Prendes was a Las Vegas Police Officer, and so Las Vegas is where the dream of Henry’s Place started. Henry’s Place Camp will minister to campers primarily from urban Las Vegas.

Questions About Henry’s Place Camp

No…our use permit does not authorize us to bring adjudicated youth to camp. Our goal at Henry’s Place is to impact kids before they get into trouble and to give them hope, affirm their worth, and teach them how to make good life choices.  We don’t look at children growing up in tough circumstances as “troubled kids”, we view them as “children of promise”!

Our summer season will be camp for urban youth. During the rest of the year, Henry’s Place will be used as a retreat and event center for things like church retreats, community events, Boy Scout activities, weddings, and reunions. Our non-camp activities will help to offset the cost of summer camp and allow us to provide camp experiences for disadvantaged children at no-cost to them.

Camp is 1 week long. Youth start camp on Monday afternoon and return home on Friday afternoon.

Henry’s Place is partnering with Las Vegas area community organizations to identify at-risk or disadvantaged urban youth to bring to the camp.  We define “at-risk”  or “disadvantaged” as those who are growing up in poverty, in homes where one- or both-parents are not involved, and/or in high-crime neighborhoods.  Our FREE CAMPS are for those children who would not otherwise have an opportunity to go to a camp.  We are initially targeting middle-school age children but are planning the camp to be able to cater to 3rd through 12th graders.

Henry’s Place will initially conduct alternating weeks of FREE CAMPS for at-risk youth and PAID CAMPS for the general public.  Once we have developed the necessary fiscal and programmatic foundation, we plan to ultimately transition to FREE CAMPS all summer-long.   PAID CAMPS will be priced commensurate with current market standards for summer camp programs.  To learn more specifics about camp, visit our Summer Camp page.
Retreats and facility rentals (outside of our summer camp season) will be conducted on a for-fee basis at market rates.

The Henry’s Place camp curriculum is both practical and spiritual. On the practical side, youth are exposed to lessons in leadership, team-building, outdoor and survival skills, sports, and arts and crafts.  Once our facilities are complete, campers will also receive instruction in animal husbandry and horticulture. On the spiritual side, our program informs youth of their intrinsic value as God’s creations, of God’s love for them, of the plan that He has for their lives, of the saving grace of Jesus, and of their appropriate responses to these truths.

Year round activities at Henry’s Place are coordinated by the Camp Directors. Currently our summer camp is staffed by volunteers, but once we have permanent facilities, we will be hiring summer-long camp staff.  During summer camps, each group of eight campers is assigned to two counselors. Additional camp staff will be hired to cook, run recreation activities, and provide maintenance and housekeeping. Seasonal staff will be hired via online advertising and recruiting from local sources (e.g. colleges, churches). When available, volunteers will also serve as staff members.  All staff and volunteers are required to undergo training, to submit to a background check, to affirm our statement of faith, and to agree to abide by rules of conduct in our Staff Handbook.  If you are interested in being a staff member or volunteer, please visit our Work With Us page.