Fun-Raiser Contest Rules

Funding Notice: Prizes and funding for this Fun-Raiser have been provided directly for this purpose through a designated gift by a sponsor of Henry’s Place.

Contest Rules

  • You do not need to buy anything, give anything, or sign up for anything in order to participate.
  • Minors must have parents’ permission before participating.
  • By participating in any contest, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk.  You assume full responsibility for your own conduct, including driving if required.
  • For each contest (each day), only 1 entry per person is permitted, whether by email, social media, text or a combination thereof, as applicable.
  • When applicable, the time stamp recorded by social media or recipient email programs will determine who is first. Any ties will be decided by Henry’s Place by the flipping of a quarter.
  • In disputes about whether a contest solution is correct or not, Henry’s Place has the sole discretion of deciding.
  • By submitting pictures to Henry’s Place via email or social media, you give permission for Henry’s Place to use those pictures in promotional materials in perpetuity. You may revoke this permission by sending an email to
  • Subject to postal delivery times, gift cards will be delivered to the winners within 1 week of winning. Gift cards may be delivered in person, by mail, or online.  Any winner who does not respond within 1 week to requests for information from Henry’s Place for the purpose of delivering a gift card will forfeit that winning gift card.