Henry's Place is searching for a full-time Camp Director!

See below for more details regarding this job opportunity.  To learn more or apply, call/send resume to

Dan Maruyama
(229) 415-2999

Overall Description

Generally speaking, the Camp Director is responsible for the success of activities that occur on Henry’s Place camp property.  This includes monitoring and maintaining the physical resources of Henry’s Place, caring for customers while on Henry’s Place grounds, administering and overseeing camp and retreat programs, and overseeing development or construction of new physical resources.

Key Duties

The Camp Director will:

  • Affirm the Statement of Faith and abide by the standards of conduct promulgated in the Henry’s Place Staff Handbook.
  • Comply with and enforce written and approved Henry’s Place policies.
  • Maintain or oversee maintenance of Henry’s Place camp property, structures, facilities, and equipment.
  • Ensure facility compliance with applicable regulations and laws (e.g. for water system, food-service, fire safety, etc). Note: The Camp Director will likely be certified, at Henry’s Place expense, as a food safety manager.
  • Supervise/oversee on-site construction projects.
  • Ensure Henry’s Place is stocked with required supplies, equipment, food, and beverages.
  • Oversee routine physical security of Henry’s Place camp.
  • Recruit, hire, supervise, and terminate (as applicable) summer camp staff and seasonal staff.
  • Obtain and maintain, at Henry’s Place expense, a commercial driver’s license as required for camp transportation.
  • Plan and administer camp programs.
  • Plan and administer retreat programs.
  • Maintain the camp facility utilization schedule.
  • Make recommendations to assist with annual Henry’s Place budgeting.
  • Execute the appropriate line item(s) of the annual spending plan approved by the Board of Directors, including:
    • Maintaining records of expenditures, contracts, and purchases as required by Henry’s Place accounting practices.
    • Entering into contracts as required to accomplish the above duties, subject to constraints and limitations in the Henry’s Place Board Policy Manual.
  • Provide reports, documentation, and/or feedback as requested by the Executive Director

 Key Exclusions

The Camp Director is not directly responsible for:

  • Fundraising or donor management
  • Marketing, except in the normal course of administering camp or retreat programs
  • Establishing, planning, or approving major construction projects/contracts
  • Recruiting campers or following up with campers in post-camp programs that are not conducted at Henry’s Place Camp
  • Recruiting customers to utilize Henry’s Place Camp during non-camp seasons.
  • Compliance with Board of Directors requests or suggestions, except when provided via the Executive Director or via written and approved policies of Henry’s Place


  • The Camp Director is supervised by the Executive Director (in the absence of an Executive Director, the Henry’s Place Board President).
  • The Camp Director supervises seasonal camp staff and seasonal retreat staff.

Work Expectation

40 hours/week (during summer camp season weekly hours can be expected to be higher, and off-season compensatory time will be offered)



The Camp Director must:

  • Be a believer of the historically orthodox Christian faith and such belief must be reflected in how they live
  • Have a strong desire to see young lives changed for the better and, in support of that goal, be willing to work long hours for moderate pay
  • Be able to work with and direct disparate teams of people
  • Be a self-starter who is capable of managing their own schedule and tasks
  • Have sufficient problem-solving ability to use limited resources to accomplish camp goals
  • Have sufficient physical fitness and ability to lead outdoor camp programs and to accomplish property/facility upkeep, maintenance, and minor construction
  • Be proficient in basic computer skills
  • NOT have a record of child abuse, child neglect, or sexual abuse/predation

The Camp Director should:

  • Be a college graduate, or be able to demonstrate relevant task accomplishment, management, and leadership experience
  • Have experience as a staff member at a summer camp
  • Be proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint

Desired Experience:

  • Basic facility maintenance, landscaping, and/or equipment maintenance and repair
  • Curriculum or program development
  • High school or higher athletic participation
  • Leadership of educational, church, or similar youth programs

Salary Range:

$45,000-50,000 plus benefits
Salary includes $10,000 housing benefit which will be replaced by permanent on-site housing when available (projected 2024).